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The carbon fiber racing fuel tank covers kit for Ducati Panigale V2 was developed by Zard Exhaust in collaboration with Plastc Bike, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket bodywork component kits for motorcycles.

The kit is made of carbon fiber of direct racing derivation, which ensure maximum lightness and rigidity even during the most demanding track usage.

Two finishes are available for the carbon fibre exterior: classic glossy or stylish matte.

The Zard Exhaust carbon fiber fuel tank covers kit for Ducati Panigale V2 will be available from February 2023.


Zard products are the perfect combination between craftmanship and technology. We use high quality raw materials: from stainless steel (AISI 304) tubes and plate to titanium and carbon fiber. Every single exhaust is realized by out qualified welders and tested on the road and on standard rolling test bench. The black ceramic coating resists till 1000°C. Zard men follow every production process with a very keen attention and authentic passion.

Please note:

A different product configuration from the standard one, shall be considered as a special processing, therefore, It will be quoted separately.
Every product is branded by Zard. For further information or a special quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Products available in homologated version are ready to be selected in the list of optionals. Removing the Db killer on homologated exhausts will void the warranty and the homologation. The Ministry of Transport has officially approved Officine Italiane Zard to the production of exhausts with valid approval across the UE territory. Zard exhausts are designed and realized in accordance with high standards of quality and for approved models, they guarantee European directives regarding the approval of exhaust systems (Directive 97/24/CE, EU regulation 134/2014).
The approval number, shown on the supplied relevant certificate, is stamped on every exhaust system and it must be presented to law enforcement in case of a check.
The approved exhaust is treated as the original one and in the event of technical inspection of the motorcycle, it must not be replaced.