Campionato Europeo Enduro, Assoluti d’Italia, Mondiale Enduro GP

Alessandro Battig, Kawasaki KE450F (Campione Europeo)
Maurizio Martinelli, Kawasaki KE250F
Kevin Olsen, Kawasaki KE250F
Luca Marcotulli, Gas Gas EC300 (Campione Italiano Senior 300 2T)
Simone Albergoni, Gas Gas EC300

We have always been attracted to competitions since when we born with a racing soul. The maximum expression of motorcycle passion. "We love all events where there is the desire to attach the number to the plate of the motorbike and throw in a challenge, as we have done." We support all our riders, amateur and professional engaged in World Championship, with the same care.

Valter Amistà, CEO - Officine Italiane Zard