All exhaust systems produced by Officine Italiane Zard are made using an high quality raw material: stainless steel AISI 304 and Titanium (Grade 1 - 2) tubes and flat sheets. All carbon parts are realized through autoclave system. TIG and MIG/MAG weldings are realized by hand by our high-specialized welders. Every exhaust is tested on FUCHS bench, individually assembled and subjected to a keen quality check.


Officine Italiane Zard has been officially authorized by Transport Department for the production of homologated exhaust systems in all European Union territory. Zard exhaust systems are projected and realized in the respect of high quality standards. Street legal models respect European directive on motorcycle exhaust approval (Directive 97/24/CE, UE Regulations 134/2014).

On all exhausts approved by Transport Department is engraved the homologation number whose correspondence is written on the homologation document that is supplied in the box during the purchase. In case Police stops you for a control, the document mentioned above has to be shown. Zard street legal exhaust systems can be compared to the standard one, so it does not need to be replaced during the periodical inspection of the motorbike.

Black ceramic coating

Black ceramic coated products must be handed with care during assembly in order to prevent paint damages. Some fitting parts are tightened to prevent scratches on headers, so be careful in disengaging and please use the gloves supplied. During the first start-up could see smoke from the exhaust: please don’t worry, the ceramic coating is stabilizing and is becoming resistant to high temperature and weathers. Notice: Reaching very high temperature, the color of headers could have some black intensity variations.