“It’s like a journey, the most important thing is not
the final destination but the way you do.”

Mondo Ducati, Febbraio 2014

From a dream to reality

Thirty years of experience, an area of 15000mq, a staff of 100 people. From a story full of authentic passion, racing soul and a continuous desire to dream.

Officine Italiane Zard develops innovative motorcycle exhausts characterized by a unique design. R&D department, works in a total synergy with the entire technical team to reach a cutting edge and constant evolution product.

“Our products aren’t imagined according to cold numbers,
we look for an alternative creativity. Our product must have a strong identity.”

Cafè Racer Magazine, Aprile 2004

Each exhaust is developed on motorbike. Craftsmanship and technology are the main features that characterized our artworks. The production is supported by the use of latest generation software, reverse engineering instruments, press, 2D and 3D laser, robot, bending machine, rolling press, and Dynamometer.

Every single step, from welding to assembly of semifinished works, is handmade using high quality raw material. The result is a total Made in Italy product.

“The desire for new goals and new challenges is the engine of life, and like in any engine,
the exhaust is one of the most important component of it.
It isn’t a ferrous and static element, but it is an instrument that gives voice and soul to the motorbike."

Kustom World, Maggio 2015